Monday, December 9, 2013

Keeping us on our toes

Helping Mommy crochet

Discovering chocolate pudding.
It was a hit!
E is keeping us on our toes!  (I can hear M & my mothers laughing) E has definitely entered the terrible twos.  The last few nights have been a trial to get her to bed.  Even getting jammies on means kicking and screaming and a melt down.  But then she redeems herself by being so cute and loveable that the other child doesn't seem possible.  Her favorite phrases right now are "If you say so," "I promise," "My do," and "Probably."  She doesn't always use them right, but she sure makes us laugh.  Elizabeth loves Veggie Tales and will sing the songs from the shows.  It is amazing what that little mind can learn.  E loves her babies too.  She has three dolls that she takes everywhere, even into her crib at nights so there is barely room for E.  The babies do end up in time out.  Some days they are very naughty and E puts them in time out, then comes back and gets one eye level with them and tells them what they did wrong, then gives them a hug.  Apparently she is learning something from us.
This Thursday is her first Christmas program at daycare.  I'm not sure what they are singing or doing, but I'm interested to see how she does.  Either she'll steal the show or she won't do anything.  We did take our Christmas pictures and they turned out really nice.  E cooperated most of the time so the photographer got some good shots.

Smiles with Daddy

and with Mommy

So sweet and angelic

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Finally got my camera back, so here is a short recap of summer in pictures.  I guess the biggest change is Lil'E is getting hair.  It is so cute and curly!  Two things she got from me, curly hair and a love of chocolate.  It is amazing how this little person lights up our lives.  Sometimes at 3:30 am but we still love her.
I think the pictures explain themselves.  We made a few trips to the zoo, one with Cousin AT and one with Aunt ST.  With AT Elizabeth wouldn't go anywhere near the splash pad.  With ST Lil'E discovered it and fell in love.  She spent about 30 minutes playing.  Of course the time I figured she wouldn't go near it so didn't pack her a swim diaper or a towel.  Oh well.  I took so many pictures of her in the splash pad.  (M and ST did too with their phones)  The lighting was great and Lil'E had so much child joy that I love every picture and could have taken a million more.
Most mornings M gets Lil'E up while I get ready.  They we switch and I watch Lil'E while M gets ready.  I usually do my makeup and Lil'E eats breakfast.  That morning Lil'E wasn't hungry (she eats again at daycare) and decided she wants some of mommy's makeup.  How can I deny that face?  Lil'E favorite color is blue.  We're working on her aim. 
Lil'E has decided she needs sunglasses in the car, just one day out of the blue.  Of course we couldn't find any cheapies that weekend when we had a chance to shop so Lil'E got a nice pair that are a little large.  Of course the next week I found sunglasses everywhere for less than a dollar!  She now has three pairs and couldn't be happier.  I also got some cases and sometimes it is more fun to put the different glasses in different cases than it is to wear them. 
We're traveling again this weekend.  Last weekend to Osakis, this weekend a stopover in Osakis on our way to Moorhead for a wedding.  Lil'E will get to see some of her Concordia Cousins and we get to celebrate with H&J!
Just hanging, upside down

Helping Mommy cook

Trying corn on the cob

Enjoying chocolate from Great Grandpa

One of the dinosaurs at the zoo.
I can't blame Lil'E for being scared!

Checking out the John Deere tractor at the
Farm area at the zoo with Cousin AT

Helping fill her new pool.  She was so excited!

So excited she didn't take the time to put on a suit
or let the water warm up.

Discovering the splash pad at the Zoo

Giggles with Aunt S

You can never have too much blue eye shadow!

Our cool chicka with her sunglasses.

Monday, September 9, 2013

New Post!

I've been having computer issues and have been unable to update the blog.  Finally got it fixed so here I am.  Well, that and I forgot my camera at Mom & Dad's so I didn't have many pics to post.  I'll be catching up soon.
Summer is over.  Boo.  It was an interesting one.  I changed jobs, Elizabeth turned 2 and we had hail and tornado force winds that caused damage to our roof, gutter, gutter covers, some window frames and totaled the garden.  We're still waiting to see what insurance recommends for our roof, etc. 
Elizabeth is transitioning to Preschool 3 at daycare.  She is growing so fast!  She likes P3 because the playground is bigger and they have a Guinean pig named Pluto.  Elizabeth talks all the time.  She even tells a joke.  She'll finish something on her plate and ask "Where did the ... go?"  Then she laughs and says "In my mouth!"  She is really good at tantrums.  I think throwing themselves on the floor and wailing is just hard wired in their little brains.  We certainly didn't teach her it.  In fact we laugh at her and tell her what a good job she is doing, which only makes her more mad.
This past weekend, Aunt Su visited.  We had fun even if meals and bedtimes were a little late.  We had a great time at the zoo.  (I'll post pictures later)  Aunt Su read E lots of stories and even painted her toe nails purple.  Su left during E's nap Sunday.  E was looking for Aunt Su everywhere asking "Where Aunt Su go?"  I explained she flew home so E now waves at every plane she hears saying "Bye Aunt Su." 
2 year pictures

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Yes, it has been two months

Two months has passed since the last update.  We've been busy, busy.
Elizabeth turned two.  Can't believe it.  At her check up she was 25.5 lbs and 33 inches.  She is petit but mighty.  She had a wonderful birthday party surrounded by family and friends.  I finished her Curious George shirt so she was happy.  She clung to daddy the whole time.  For about two months Elizabeth has been a Daddy's girl.  Totally a Daddy's girl.  She wants nothing to do with Mommy or anyone else.
Over the 4th of July we went to Wisconsin to visit Bethany, Joe, Maya, Claire, Ryan and Ella.  We had a great time.  I painted Elizabeth's toenails for the first time.  I also painted Claire's & Ella's toenails too. Most of the paint has chipped off by now, but Elizabeth still talks about it.  We also went to the pool and Elizabeth did great swimming.  She jumped into the pool into Daddy's arms and started kicking her  feet to swim.  She did put her face in the water, but didn't shut her mouth so she did not enjoy that.
After our vacation, I returned to Westminster for my last week.  I had worked there for 12 years and decided it was time for a change.  I found a good job as an Administrative Assistant at Pax Christi Catholic Community.  I've been there for two weeks and things are going well.  I've been able to work ten hour days four days a week so Elizabeth and I have been home on Fridays.  More details about that later and other things going on (with pictures).
Here are a few to tide you over.
Helping Mommy clean for the party

Waiting for the popcorn on the Toddler Tower
Uncle Stan & Aunt Alison made for her birthday

Swinging at the park in her George shirt

Cleaning up after playing in the doggie's pool

Yummy food.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Playing outside

"I'm going to get you!"
My old Man
"Ready, set, go!"
Some times I don't know who is the bigger kid, Elizabeth or Marc.  Although I can't say too much because I play around with her as much as Marc.  I'm just usually the one behind the camera.  I must say, I'm impressed he could get on her bike!
Looking at the sky
Elizabeth also likes to lay on the deck and look at the sky.  She sees clouds, trees, birds and airplanes.  She'll tell us to lay down with her and when she is done, she'll tell us to sit up.  She is awfully bossy.  Wonder where she gets that from?

More cloud watching
In between the rain, Elizabeth and I did manage to plant some peas last week.  Hopefully it will stay nice enough to plant the tomatoes, beans and potatoes this weekend.  I'm also hoping to get a few outdoor decorating done.  I am a avid "Pinner" on Pinterest and have so many wonderful ideas.  A few I actually hope to accomplish.  Maybe will have pics next week.
We're also getting ready for Elizabeth's birthday party.  Curious George is out theme.  Banana everything and lots of balloons!

As she was trying to get me to sit up.  My giant baby!

Friday, May 24, 2013

My two favorite people in the world

Sorry if you thought it was you.  It is these two silly goof balls.  Elizabeth is all about Daddy right now.  And being outside.  She loves to hunt for rocks and dig in the garden and help.  Last Saturday between the rain we got outside and raked the garden and E got a trowel and got very, very dirty.  Thankfully she washes.  I got very dirty too as I was redoing the raspberry patch so it is easier to walk in and hopefully to pick.  However, this year thanks to the rabbits and dog we won't have much of a harvest.  Oh well.
So far we have had a rhubarb upside down cake and a rhubarb pie.  Yummy!  Elizabeth didn't think much of either.  The silly girl won't eat ice cream but she will eat garlic hummus by the spoonful.  Marc was wondering if she was our daughter until she started eating the hummus.  I love garlic and apparently gave Elizabeth the gene.
We were planning to go camping this Memorial weekend, but decided not to in the rain.
Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Hope all of you Moms had a good Mother's Day.  We went to church in the morning and the day working on projects at home.  Here are a couple pics from after church

Friday, May 3, 2013

1st Ponytail

As anyone who has seen Elizabeth knows, she's a baldy.  Not sure where that is coming from because both Marc and I have hair to spare.  Marc is enjoying it because he doesn't have to fix her hair.  He is worried about that.  We've been watching her fine baby hair grow little by little.  Both of us hoping it will turn out curly like mine.  Yesterday at daycare Elizabeth insisted on getting her hair fixed since all of the other girls were (they all have lots and lots of hair).  Elizabeth's teacher, being a good sport got a little ponytail going for Elizabeth.  It was so cute and Elizabeth was so proud.  It is hard to see in the pics, but she is so darn cute with the little thing sticking straight up on her head.  Of course she would not hold still for a good picture.  She is too much like her Daddy that way (And Great Grandpa Wilson).  I also wanted to show the cute little vest I made for her.  I was planning on her wearing it next fall but it seems the perfect thing for this non-spring.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Ramdon pictures and update

March 17, 2013
Lucky girl!
And my brag, I made the shirt!
April 17, 2013
Having a ball!
This outfit was one my sister wore
30 some years ago.
April 15, 2013
Horsing Around
Riding her beloved pony!
It has been a while since I updated, I know.  Things just keep us busy.  Including this beautiful little girl!  Elizabeth is over 22 months old!  We've starting planning her second birthday party for June 16.  Can't believe she'll be two!  She does amaze us every day.  Every parent probably thinks this, but she is so smart!  She'll repeat everything you say.  It made Marc realize how often he says "here you go," and made me realize how often I say "blah, blah, blah."  The most amazing thing she did the other day was count to four.  Not just repeating but stacking things and counting.  She probably would have gotten farther, but the pile fell down.  We knew she could count to three because she repeats us when we give her a count down to doing something, but she really seems to understand numbers.  Of course the 5 Little Monkey books helped a lot.  I made her monkey and crocodile finger puppets for Easter, which I'm very happy to say she loves.  Right now her favorite things are being outside, Grandma & Grandpa's new calf, her silly cousins, Daddy and Curious George/monkeys.
Marc and I are doing well.  Thankfully the snow has gone and shouldn't return.  Marc worked his tail off last week to get a bunch of junk out for the curbside cleanup with the city so things are neater at home.  Now we just keep plugging away at the basement repair.  I have had lots of fun dental work including a crown and a wisdom tooth pulled.  Work keeps us both very busy.  Can't wait for some vacation time this summer with our little peanut!

Thursday, April 4, 2013


We had a wonderful Easter.  The weather was chilly, but thankfully the dress I made for Elizabeth had long sleeves.  I had Thursday and Friday off from work since Daycare was closed so we got to spend extra time together.  We didn't feel like doing the whole egg dying thing.  Our little monkey would just have had too much fun.  We did go to church on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  I played with the bell choir and cantored so Elizabeth got to see me up front and Marc was in the pew with her.  After the service I got a few pictures and Jenny and Luke arrived for the next service.  It was great to see them, but it was a tough time for them as they were losing Steve's Dad.  Elizabeth was so excited.  She walked around asking where her Luke was. 
After church we went to Grandma & Grandpa Wilson's.  Grandma had an Easter egg hunt ready for her.  She didn't quite get it, but had fun.  Although I think Grandma and Great Aunt Audrey and Great Aunt Bonnie almost had more.  We ate too much and stayed too long, but Elizabeth loves her family, especially her Great Poppa. 
Checking out the Easter flowers at church

"Where's my Luke?
Found him!  Although she doesn't look too happy.

Chocolates from Meemaw (Grandma)

Why does this picture worry me so much?
They look like they are scheming!

Monday, March 18, 2013

MN Zoo


March 9 Grandpa & Grandma Wilson some up and we all went to the zoo for a couple hours.  We bought a household membership so we plan on going pretty often.  We had a good time.  It was raining so we didn't do any of the outside stuff, but we did have a good time looking at the fish, the penguins, the monkeys and the tropical trail.  Elizabeth loved the penguins.  Two were swimming right up to the glass.  They scared her a couple times.  We had watched Happy Feet the weekend before when we were all sick so she kinda of recognized them.  Elizabeth also loved the monkeys.  She has gotten into Curious George thanks to the book we have and PBS.  She liked the birds and tortoises on the tropical trail but was getting tired by that point.  We all actually were so we went back to our place and they took naps while I ran to the grocery store and got ready for church.  The Handbell choir was playing so I left early and they followed and attended church.  Then back to our place for tacos.  It was a great day and Elizabeth had a great time.  We love watching her with her grandparents!
And, I almost forgot her favorite part of lunch.  Ketchup, eaten with her fork.  Oye, that child.