Wednesday, June 27, 2012


The weekend after Elizabeth's party SuAnne flew home to Portland.  Stan & Alison (and Daisy & Ginger) came down to visit.  Alison brought a really good rhubarb upside down cake and we had a fire in our fire pit and enjoyed s'mores.  Elizabeth didn't think much of the marshmallows, but she did like the crackers.  I had some of the peanutbutter frosting left from Elizabeth's cake so we added that to the s'mores.  I would highly recommend it. 
My Awesome Auntie SuAnne

Auntie SuAnne will like this picture better.

Sunday morning we took the dogs for a walk and went to a local park with a playground.  Elizabeth got to swing for the first time, but she didn't think it was that great.  Apparently Ginger didn't think so either when Stan tried to swing with her.  Elizabeth did enjoy playing in the stones on the ground.  It was a nice walk and Elizabeth got a full bath following the walk.  But, not before SuAnne & Alison got pictures with her in her cute shirt.
My Awesome Auntie Alison

And, just a garden update, we have been enjoying snow pod peas and lettuce from the garden and LOTS of raspberries. Elizabeth doesn't think much of any of them, but Marc & I are enyoying them.
Marc is out of town for a couple nights so Elizabeth and I are just concentrating on staying cool.

Stan and Ginger swinging
Elizabeth & Daddy swinging
Frownie face but having fun
Playing with the rocks with Daddy

June 20, 2012

Miss Elizabeth, 1 year old

Check out those teeth
Trying the hot sauce
To celebrate Elizabeth's offical birthday and our 14th anniversary we decided to go to Don Pablo's for dinner.  Elizabeth had a great time.  She loved that she could make all the noise she wanted and there were lots of other babies there.  She also enjoyed the chicken, rice, cheese & beef we fed her from our plates.  She is a good little eater when she wants to be.

Big eyes
Mommy playing with photo effects
My "Dirt Makes Me Cuter" John Deere shirt from Grandma & Grandpa T

1 year old!

She's 1!  I can't beleive it.  It was fun remembering back a year ago and what was happening.  Well maybe not remembering everything, but Marc and I talked about what was happening at certain times and the people with us.  I don't remember labor being for two days, but it was.  Thank goodness I don't remember!
Giraffe cake I made
On June 16 we celebrated Elizabeth's birthday with family and a few friends.  The weather worked out perfectly.  It rained in the morning, was sunny for Elizabeth's party and got weird in the evening.  An added bonus is our neice Kadyn got to stay over night Saturday night and left with my parents Sunday morning.  It was a lot of fun to get the extra time with her.  As for the party, Elizabeth did have fun, but was stoic for the cake and tired by the time she opened presents, but she was such a good girl.  We couldn't be happier.  Thank you to everyone who came to her party and celebrated with us!
water fight for the older kids (including Marc)
Watching the water fight with Grandma W
Waiting for cake
With her Triebenbach cousins
Opening her gift from Aunt SuAnne
"Daddy, let me read it!"

Monday, June 18, 2012

I should add...

I should add that on Monday the 11th Elizabeth was 19 lbs.  Her year check up is in a few weeks so I'll have all of the stats to share then!

Trip to the ER

Since I can now write about this without getting teary-eyed, but we took Elizabeth to the ER last Monday night.  All weekend she was running a fever from teething and clingy and sleepy and the Dr said to keep her comfortable and only worry if her temp got above 103 and/or she started vomiting.  Monday both Marc and I stayed home from work.  Marc stayed to take care of Elizabeth and I stayed because I had a cold and running a slight fever.  During the day Elizabeth was eating less and less and then around 8 pm her fever spiked and she started vomiting.  So, off to the ER we went.  We first went to Urgent Care and waited there for a hour only to be told we needed to go to the ER so we went there and they got us in within 20 mins.  I guess Elizabeth having a fever of 105.6 made them move a little faster.  They ran the horde of test and took chest xrays, but came back with nothing scary or too definite.  They decided she had a double ear infection, strep throat, a cold and four molars coming in.  Never let it be said our daughter is an under achiever.  They gave Elizabeth IV fluids.  Unfortunately to put in the IV they had to stick her four times.  Her poor little arms, hands and foot (where they finally got it) all have bruises on them.  But after the IV fluids got in she started feeling better and perked up.  We were all so ready to be home.  We got there about 2 am.  Marc went off to get her prescription filled and I got her in bed.  Of course it took both Marc and me a while to fall asleep with all the adrenalin we still had going.  I got up at 6 to go to work and Marc stayed home with Elizabeth again.  By Wednesday she was back at day care, tired, but full of mischief and Marc and I are still recovering.  Hopefully that will be the worst and most terrifying thing we have to do as parents.  It certainly wore us all out right before Elizabeth's 1st birthday party, which went great, but more on that, with pictures later.