Friday, May 24, 2013

My two favorite people in the world

Sorry if you thought it was you.  It is these two silly goof balls.  Elizabeth is all about Daddy right now.  And being outside.  She loves to hunt for rocks and dig in the garden and help.  Last Saturday between the rain we got outside and raked the garden and E got a trowel and got very, very dirty.  Thankfully she washes.  I got very dirty too as I was redoing the raspberry patch so it is easier to walk in and hopefully to pick.  However, this year thanks to the rabbits and dog we won't have much of a harvest.  Oh well.
So far we have had a rhubarb upside down cake and a rhubarb pie.  Yummy!  Elizabeth didn't think much of either.  The silly girl won't eat ice cream but she will eat garlic hummus by the spoonful.  Marc was wondering if she was our daughter until she started eating the hummus.  I love garlic and apparently gave Elizabeth the gene.
We were planning to go camping this Memorial weekend, but decided not to in the rain.
Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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