Wednesday, September 28, 2011

13 Weeks

Sleeping at her baptism
One year ago Monday we found out we were pregnant.  We had been through some disappointment in August and so we were not going to think about it in September (yeah, right).  That Saturday night I wasn’t feeling good so we decided to watch the second Twilight movie, a bad movie in both of our opinions.  But, I was teary eyed during some parts.  WHAT?!  We both thought it was so odd but laughed it off.  I couldn’t be pregnant.  I kept feeling funny so we agreed I would test in the morning before church if I still felt rotten.  Sunday morning Marc got up to play with Marty before church and I stayed in bed a while because I felt rotten.  Then I remembered what we said and got up to take a pregnancy test.  I had waited this wait before and it had always been negative.  I saw the first line appear but the second didn’t.  I knew I was rushing it, but I accepted it was negative.  Three minutes later I looked at it and there was a second faint line!  I picked it up and held it to the light and looked at it from every angle.  I couldn’t believe it!  I took it to the kitchen where Marc and Marty were and showed Marc the test.  I said “Do you see the two lines?  Really, you see them too?”  Yes, he saw them too.  We went to church and were so giddy and smiled big goofy smiles at each other the whole time.

Kadyn likes the Vikings?!
Watching the Packers with Daddy
 Now here we are with our three month old little Elizabeth.  She has slept through the night three times now.  Yes, we get up and check on her, just in case.  We are counting our blessings, but not counting on it happening every night.  She is sleeping a lot and eating a lot so we’re expecting a 3 month growth spurt.  She seems to be over her cold although she is pretty congested.

She is so close to rolling over, but her arm keeps getting in the way.  She is reaching for things, grasping them and putting them in her mouth now.  Well about half the time.  The other half her hands won’t do what she wants.  We worry because we can see her mind working and trying to figure everything out.  We could have our hands full!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Some pictures

I've gotten behind in my postings so here are some highlights and pictures:
-Elizabeth met her Aunt SuAnne over labor day weekend.  They seem to like each other.
-Elizabeth was baptized on September 11.  It was a wonderful event
-Elizabeth is three months old!
-Elizabeth has started Daycare full time.  She is doing great and making friends
-Elizabeth has her first cold.  She's congested, but getting better.
-Elizabeth is sleep 5 hours in a row at night and just getting up once.  Thank heavens!


Sleeping angel
Elizabeth & her Godmother, Jennie
Aunt SuAnne & Elizabeth
Baptism 9/11/2011