Sunday, July 24, 2011

Another week gone and Elizabeth will be 5 weeks old tomorrow.  In the past week she has started making so many more noises.  It really is so cute.  She coos and grunts and squeaks.  She seems so ready to tell Marc and me what she thinks.  Go figure being our child, right?  Elizabeth has out grown of her newborn diapers and moved upt to size ones. 

Aidan, Aunt Khari & Clara
Elizabeth had more family and friends visit this week.  Her older cousins were enchanted with her.  She looked at us like “What?  More kids?”  But I know she is looking forward to the day when she can run and play with them.
Aunt Alison & Uncle Stan
On Tuesday, Elizabeth and I went to Westminster (where I work) and said hello.  Elizabeth slept the whole time, which disappointed some people who love to hold babies, but there will be plenty of chances in the future.  We also drove through some horrible MN rain.  The weather this week kept us inside.  It was too warm to do anything, except sweat!  Thankfully it has cooled off some so we can get out walking and in the garden again.

Speaking of the garden, we have green beans and snow peas ripe.  I was a little over zealous planting the beans.  Hopefully Elizabeth likes them.  The raspberries are still going.  Thankfully some friends came over and picked so we don’t have to take care of them.  Since it is the season, I bought some peaches and plums, pealed, cooked, pureed and froze them for food for Elizabeth next winter.  I’ll do that with the extra green beans, too.  I also canned 9 pints of peaches for Marc & me.  They will taste really good in February.
We made it to church this morning.  Elizabeth slept through the whole service.  The only time she startled is when the choir stopped singing.  We don’t usually attend the 10:30 service.  It was fun to see all of the children there, especially the little girls.  It was like a preview of what Elizabeth will be like in the future.

All clean and ducky
This week we have our 6 week checkup.  I’m excited to find out how much our little Peanut weights!  We are heading to Osakis next weekend for a family reunion.  Hopefully it will be a good turnout.  We’ll see how Elizabeth likes the long ride and the farm!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July 17, 2011-4 weeks old


Elizabeth is 4 weeks old.  Marc and I can’t believe how the time has gone.  We haven’t weighed her, but we figure Elizabeth must be close to 7 lbs.  To us she seems so big, but she is still a little peanut really.  She is eating like a champ.  Finally she is fitting in newborn size clothes and diapers.  Elizabeth is focusing her eyes on things farther away.  We’ve started putting her on her play mat and she’ll watch the lights and knock the toys around with her hands.  It entertains her long enough for me to eat breakfast or get dressed.  (Thanks Terry & Mike for the mat)
Marc went back to work this past week.  Admittedly I was a little worried about being home alone with Elizabeth, but things have been going really well.  I’m still working on timing to get places on time because Elizabeth adds lots of extra time to leaving.  Last Tuesday, when we went to have lunch with Marc and meet his co-workers, I had to change her four times before we left due to overfull diapers.  She then spit up on me, but I didn’t bother changing. 
Elizabeth had a busy week of meeting family and friends.  She has been well behaved through them all.  She still isn’t sleeping well, preferring to be held by Marc or I while she is sleeping.  She does sleep in her swing and we keep trying. 
On July 4 we made our first road trip to Marc's parents place so Elizabeth could meet her Great Grandpa.  Both were very happy to meet each other!