Monday, July 30, 2012

Year One photos

I can't beleive I forgot to post these! I took Elizabeth for her one year photos on June 23. She was great until she saw the camera and then her smile ran away. We did get two of her smiling but it was tough going. The orange dress I made for her. The bath towel and duckies are from Grandma & Grandpa T and the piano was an idea I had. Yes, I also had the feather boa and pearls. Elizabeth is such a little diva! She loved sitting at that piano. And, not to brag, but the photographer had me sign a form so she could use Elizabeth's pictures for publicity. My little girl is a model!

Almost August

We've been having a great summer!  Here is a quick recap of the last month.

Elizabeth as 19 lbs 8 ozs and 25 inches at her one year check up on July 3.  She handled her shots well but was really glad to get out of the doctors office!  Only July 4, Grandma & Grandpa Wilson and Great Grandpa Finley can up to visit.  Great Grandpa brought her a doll in a swing.  Elizabeth enjoys watching it swing. 
The week of July 14-22 we went on vacation with Kurt, Erica & Autumn.  We went to Erica's family cabin in Michigan.  It was a 13 hour drive.  We broke it up into a two day trip both there and back, but it was a long haul.  Elizabeth was a great traveler.  The last day on the way back she cried every time we put her in her car seat, but at that point Marc and I were doing the same thing!  On the way out we stopped at the North most point in MI.  The water in Lake MI is so wonderful and clear.  That was on Sunday into our trip.  Elizabeth and Autumn had a great time in the water and on the sandbar.  Both girls need a complete change when we got back to the car.  It is a good thing she enjoyed the water then, because once we got to the cabin and down to the beach, Elizabeth wanted nothing to do with the water or sand.  Someone had given us a blow up floatie for Elizabeth and even though Marc made himself dizzy blowing it up, Elizabeth would not sit in it!  We still went down to the water almost every day and tried to get Elizabeth in the water, but she and I spent a lot of time on the dock.  We filled her bucket with water and sand and she had a great time playing with it on the dock.  Silly little girl!  We did a little dune climbing and some shopping and lots of eating and had a great time.  It was also fun for the adults to stay up late (I think it was 10:30 one night!) and play games.  We used to do that quite often before the kids.  Now at least one of us is playing with the kids or feeding the kids or going home to get them in bed.  Plus Erica and I found a fabulous new drink!  It is Chocolate Cake Vokda and Coke!  It goes down very, very easily as we found out the first night we tried it!
Our garden survived our trip. I've made one batch of refridgeratoer pickles. Elizabeth LOVES cucumbers. We think it is helpful with her teething. She has eight teeth total now with two molars just cut through on the top. She cut them on vacation. We decided to get her an amber necklace because we were desperate for something to make teething easier for her and it works! Baltic amber is known to boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, accelerate healing, and reduce throat, ear and stomach infections and respiratory disease as well as simply maintain healthy living. I was skeptical too, but it did work, Thank God!
Marty got to go on a two week vacation to my parents' place. He just got back on Saturday. He had lost some weight, but clearly remembers where to find food after Elizabeth drops it. The chipmunk and squirels that had started living in our yard were not happy when Marty got back! Ha ha.
Smiley in her bouncer on July 5, 2012
Next weekend is a family reunion in Osakis we are attending. It has been a while since we've been up to my parents' so it will be fun.

Elizabeth & Great Grandpa on July 4, 2012

with Grandpa Wilson playing with her dolly swing

Playing with a straw at the Cherry Hut in MI

Helping Mommy crochet

Playing with Autumn

Playing on the dock with Mommy

Playing in her bucket of water

Oreo on the ride home
Elizabeth loved being able to look out the
windows at the cabin and watch the
birds and squirels at the feeders