Thursday, September 26, 2013

Finally got my camera back, so here is a short recap of summer in pictures.  I guess the biggest change is Lil'E is getting hair.  It is so cute and curly!  Two things she got from me, curly hair and a love of chocolate.  It is amazing how this little person lights up our lives.  Sometimes at 3:30 am but we still love her.
I think the pictures explain themselves.  We made a few trips to the zoo, one with Cousin AT and one with Aunt ST.  With AT Elizabeth wouldn't go anywhere near the splash pad.  With ST Lil'E discovered it and fell in love.  She spent about 30 minutes playing.  Of course the time I figured she wouldn't go near it so didn't pack her a swim diaper or a towel.  Oh well.  I took so many pictures of her in the splash pad.  (M and ST did too with their phones)  The lighting was great and Lil'E had so much child joy that I love every picture and could have taken a million more.
Most mornings M gets Lil'E up while I get ready.  They we switch and I watch Lil'E while M gets ready.  I usually do my makeup and Lil'E eats breakfast.  That morning Lil'E wasn't hungry (she eats again at daycare) and decided she wants some of mommy's makeup.  How can I deny that face?  Lil'E favorite color is blue.  We're working on her aim. 
Lil'E has decided she needs sunglasses in the car, just one day out of the blue.  Of course we couldn't find any cheapies that weekend when we had a chance to shop so Lil'E got a nice pair that are a little large.  Of course the next week I found sunglasses everywhere for less than a dollar!  She now has three pairs and couldn't be happier.  I also got some cases and sometimes it is more fun to put the different glasses in different cases than it is to wear them. 
We're traveling again this weekend.  Last weekend to Osakis, this weekend a stopover in Osakis on our way to Moorhead for a wedding.  Lil'E will get to see some of her Concordia Cousins and we get to celebrate with H&J!
Just hanging, upside down

Helping Mommy cook

Trying corn on the cob

Enjoying chocolate from Great Grandpa

One of the dinosaurs at the zoo.
I can't blame Lil'E for being scared!

Checking out the John Deere tractor at the
Farm area at the zoo with Cousin AT

Helping fill her new pool.  She was so excited!

So excited she didn't take the time to put on a suit
or let the water warm up.

Discovering the splash pad at the Zoo

Giggles with Aunt S

You can never have too much blue eye shadow!

Our cool chicka with her sunglasses.

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