Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Weekend up Nort'

We spent a weekend at my parents'.  Elizabeth was really happy because not only did she get to see Grandma & Grandpa, but her cousins Kadyn & Chase were staying at G&G's.  It was a love fest all weekend.  Plus Aunt Alison & Uncle Stan came over as well as Great-Aunt Sonja.  Plus I got three birthday cakes!!  While we missed Aunt Shelly & Uncle Scott, they were in Mexico so don't feel bad for them. 
Elizabeth is finally getting over her cold.  She and I got the cold that is going around that lasts for about three weeks.  There was a week when Elizabeth couldn't sleep because she was so congested.  Therefore, no one in our house got much sleep.  Thankfully she is better now and treated us to sleeping through the night twice last week.  8 hours of sleep is AMAZING.
 Anyway, we forgot our camera, but here are a couple pics from Marc's phone.  Don't know why they won't stay straight.  Just tilt your head!
Chase & Elizabeth sharing secrets

When all else fails, give her to Grandpa
Elizabeth will sleep

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Last Thursday I turned 36.  How did that happen?  Of course my baby is almost 8 months old and growing more every day.  Marc and I went out for dinner on Friday night and Elizabeth got to spend some time with her "Godfamily" the Otts.  We all had a good time.
Elizabeth and I stayed home from chruch Sunday morning.  It was pretty cold and she didn't sleep well Saturday night.  Sunday night was even worse and every night since.  She has a cold and had to stay home from daycare on Thursday because she was running a fever.  Thankfully the fever broke over night and Daddy & Elizabeth are spending Thursday together.
Elizabeth's expressions keep changing and growing.  Here are a few that made me giggle.
I don't want my picture taken

Just kidding

Really, more?

Ok, I'll be cute!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Elizabeth got to go swimming with her cousins Kadyn & Chase. Scott & Shelly brought the kids down to see The Lion King and stayed overnight at a hotel and invited us to join the for some swimming and dinner. Elizabeth wasn't too sure about the whole pool thing, but she did like the water. Kadyn & Chase popping up out of the water scared her a bit, especially when Chase wore his goggles, but Elizabeth did have fun with them. Then we went out to eat and they all got to see how well Elizabeth eats her solids.


These are some pictures from Sunday.  Elizabeth is starting to like the camera.   She is also sitting up by herself very well.  Isn't she cute?  (If I do say so myself!)