Monday, August 27, 2012

Scrapes and Sickness

 That was the title of our weekend.  Friday night Elizabeth threw up once and again on Saturday morning.  We thought it was a teething thing.  She wasn’t really running a fever and wasn’t acting sick so we didn’t worry about it.

The injury is just on her forehead.  The cheek is sauce.
Sunday afternoon we were outside.  I was cleaning the flower beds by the house and Marc and Elizabeth were playing with one of her ride on toys.  She loves those and can really get going on the driveway.  Well, she got going a little too well.  The wheels got stuck and Elizabeth went over the steering wheel on to her forehead.  She got a small scrape right in the middle of her forehead.  Of course she screamed bloody murder and poor Marc felt so bad, but really there was no harm done.  She did wind up with her first scab, but considering she is over 13 months old I don’t think we did too bad.
Little Miss Attitude
Everything was fine until about 3:00 am on Monday morning.  Marc and I both woke up feeling not very good and it only got worse.  Turns out Elizabeth did have the stomach flu and she shared it with both of us.  Of course with Marc and I making frequent trips to the bathroom, Elizabeth woke up and was ready for the day.  I got up with her, put in her favorite movie “Curious George” and lay on the floor wishing for death and making sure Elizabeth didn’t hurt herself.  I should say, she doesn’t really watch the movie, but it catches her attention with the music and she laughs at George.  Thankfully Elizabeth was 100% fine so she could go to daycare.  Getting her there took a lot of effort, but I did it and came home and went straight back to bed.  Turns out all of the kids in her room and the teachers had the same thing over the weekend because of one little guy who came in sick.
Besides the germs, Marc and I are so grateful for Elizabeth.  She makes us laugh and smile every day and we are very blessed to have her.
Upside down baby or hanging with Daddy

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Weekend in Osakis

Last weekend we went to Osakis for the Tri-annual Triebenbach Reunion.  Of course it was the first one Elizabeth attended.  She was the youngest there and even though it was at her nap time and there were lots of people there, she did great.  She loved walking around the community center.  She must have done a hundred laps!
Grandma & Grandpa T also got to spend time with Elizabeth.  Elizabeth is so close to walking and G&G T were helping her.  We also go to see Stan & Alison, Scott, Shelly, Kadyn & Chase so it was a good time.  My mom is so great about hosting meals and being flexible when we come up so we can see everyone as much as possible.  And, the rest is really great about setting aside time for us when we are there.  We always have a nice time and GOOD food!  Elizabeth impressed G&G T with how much she eats.  We're waiting for a growth spurt any day now!
Watching Daddy mow in our picture window

Uncle Stan & Aunt Alison at our place dressed up
for a wedding

Walking, or practice running with Grandma T

My three favorite beings playing outside

Walking at the reunion (I made her dress!)

How did my foot get dirty??