Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Rocking chair

Even if I am backwards, ain't I cute?

I love this chair!
Elizabeth has decided she loves the little rocking chair she was given and the big rocking chair in her room.  She figured out how to get the chair rocking and now everything she sits on gets the rocking test.  She has figured out how the get up in her little chair and turn around and sit down.  She has also figured out how to crawl onto the seat and hang on to the back and rock and stand in the chair.  Our little dare devil!  Elizabeth is taking after her Dad, loving the rocking chair and giving her parents gray hairs!


My first Concordia Tshirt
The second weekend of October was homecoming at Concordia. This year was Marc's 15 year college reunion. The weather was beautiful! Not many of Marc's classmates were at homecoming, but we still had lots of friends to see and things to do.

Heidi, Me & E, & Sara and Cora

We also stopped at my parents' place on the way there and the way home.  Somehow we managed to time it just right for meals!  Funny how we always manage to do that!  My siblings (who live in the area) all got together to see us the short time we were there.  We're grateful they all interupted their busy schedules just to see us.  Elizabeth loved seeing her cousins, especially Chase who is almost as silly as she is.  Grandma and Grandpa also have these great pull along toys that Elizabeth was really interested in!  
Being silly monkeys with Chase

Grandma, E & Great Aunt Sonja

Wearing purple with Stan & Alison

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Swimming at Maya's birthday party

Elizabeth's cousin Maya turned 7 in September and we went to her party.  We got to go to the pool, which was a second for Elizabeth.  She didn't think much of it, but towards the she would lean back or forward and kick.  That is a great improvement over our vacation this summer when she refused to be in the water.  She loved watching and getting to know all of her Wilson cousins.  Elizabeth traveled great.  We spent a couple nights at Mom & Dad W's and Elizabeth got to see Great Aunt Audrey and Great Grandpa Finley.
Refusing to smile for Great Aunt Audrey

Four Generations of Finleys


Testing the water with Mommy
Cool cousin Aidan
It is hard for Marc and I believe Maya is already 7.  We're her Godparents and it feels like she should still be Elizabeth's age.  Maya is growing into a beautiful young lady, which is something we wouldn't get to enjoy if she stayed a baby.

October 8, 2012

Elizabeth is growing by leaps and bounds!  Last week Marc took her in for her 15 month checkup.  He doesn’t remember the exact numbers but she is around 28 ½ inches tall and about 28 pounds.  She has moved up a size in diapers so she is now in size 4.  The bigger diapers makes all of her 12 month pants not fit so we got out her 18 month clothes.  Apparently, I love to buy Elizabeth dresses because we are coming up short on pants.  I figure I can make her some leggings and she can wear the dresses.  If she is anything like I was, she will ripe tights every time she wears them.  I don’t know how my mom kept buying me tights.

Elizabeth isn’t walking alone yet.  She’ll walk between Marc and I and dives for a hug when she gets close.  It isn’t a habit I’m in a hurry to break because baby hugs are so darn sweet.  We’re pretty sure she could walk solo if she wanted to, but it doesn’t appear she does.

Elizabeth’s vocabulary is growing every day.  This morning she told me the cow says moo!  Until this morning she would only say baa for sheep.  She can also make the noise for an elephant although she can’t say elephant.  She says doggie, kitty, baa, moo, mommy and daddy, uh oh, owl and other things.  She has also started using sign language too.  She will sign "eat", "more" and "all done" when she wants to!