Wednesday, November 14, 2012


This year out little Peanut was a skeleton for Halloween.  We went to her daycare party the Friday before Halloween.  It was a bit overwhelming for her but she did like the little bouncy castle.  She also went Trunk or Treating (Parents lined their cars up in the parking lot, opened and decorated their trunks and gave out candy.)  Elizabeth's favorite were the goldfish crackers.  Marc and I enjoyed the rest of her treats. 

Enjoying some treats at daycare party

On Halloween we didn't take Elizabeth out.  She was not in a good mood so we dressed her up and handed out candy.  We had a nice group of kids come by, including a lot of neighbors with small kids.  There were some older kids, probably too old to trick or treat, but they worked on their costumes so we gave them candy anyway.
Give me the camera!
Maybe we should have dressed Elizabeth up like a princess or fairy tale character.  99% of the little girls were, but we think our little skeleton was so cute we will be happy to pay for her therapy later!  Of course she didn't coorperate to give us a good picture.  Thankfully there will be many more Halloweens!
I refuse to wear the hood!

Pumpkin Carving

One of my parents' friends gave us two pumpkins for Elizabeth this year. Honestly she didn't think much of the carving and the guts, but she liked the seeds and playing with the marker as Marc and I carved.  She also tried to put the guts back in the pumpkin as Marc pulled them out. Elizabeth did like eating the pumpkin. Yes, seriously eating the pumpkin. She took bites out of the carved parts (eyes, nose, mouth, etc). She enjoyed it and she didn't turn orange so I guess it is all good. It was a little chilly in the house so we tried to get her to keep her candy corn hat on. She refused to wear the spider hat I made her. Hopefully it will fit again next year. We forgot to get pictures of the pumpkins when we were finished, but oh well. There will be plenty more in the future.
Serious work
Look what I have!

The seeds are yummy

Try some Daddy

Silly face
Artist at work


As of October 17, our little Elizabeth is a walker!!  She started getting the hang of it when we were at my parents' the weekend before when she fell in love with the little pull behind toys and now she is off and running.  When we got home I added a ribbon to her Farmer Elmo tractor and wagon and she lives to pull that around.  Marc and I are not in love with this toy (Thank you to the Otts) and it's singing so we get a bit of an evil joy about tying up Elmo.  Tee hee.  So she is walking, talking and rocking.  What will she do next?!