Monday, March 19, 2012

Photo Bomb

Catching up.  Here's a photo bomb of our almost 9 month old! She has started clapping, but no crawling.

Fun in the Tub!

We have a Ompa Lompa!

So pretty.  So drooly!

Daddy, I'm glad you had these two for parents!  They are funny

I'm a Lumberjack!  I've also outgrown my clothes

Messy.  Check out my four teeth.

Reading with Aunt SuAnne.  S was in MN for work
and made good use of her time!
Just cute

Best place to sleep,
especially after E cried when she
saw SuAnne.

That's it!  I'm texting Grandma and you'll both be in trouble!

Monday, March 5, 2012

8 1/2 Months!

Bath time in the big tub.  If you notice her feet are blurred because they were moving.
That is the way they usually are!

Grandma & Grandpa W visiting.  Gotta get out the Packer clothes!
Our little Peanut really has grown.  Her two top teeth have popped through, finally.  It happened the week she had her cold so no wonder she was so unhappy.  Now Marc has the cold.  Hopefully he has started getting better.
So, we're just living and working.  Elizabeth is eating, sleeping, talking, giggling and trying to crawl.  One of these days!  Then there will be no stopping her.  We keep trying different foods with her and she's decided she really like yogurt and whole wheat pita bread.  She even liked some of the black bean soup broth I gave her.  I only gave her two sips.  I figured after a whole banana at lunch, black bean soup might be asking for trouble!
So here are a few pics.  She is so good at sitting up by herself.  She also loves her bath, but won't lay back.  She rolls to her stomach.  Sorry for the angle of the pics.  I've edited the pics and they refuse to go the right way.

Wearing Daddy's hat.  Funny girl.