Thursday, May 31, 2012

Photo Catchup

Oye!  Where to begin?
We have a crawler!  She is going forwards and is fast!  She loves to crawl to the gate between the kitchen and living room and look at Marty.  Marty thinks it is fun to see her too, but has stopped leaving his toys where she might reach them.  Apparently he doesn't want to share.
Elizabeth is also pulling herself up on everything she can.  No walking yet, but she is very proud of herself when she clears off any table or shelf she can reach when she is standing.
Elizabeth has a new tooth in.  That makes 5 total.  And if her drool is any indication, she will be getting more soon.
May 12 we had a branch fall on our house.  No damage, but it was a lot of work to clean up.  May 13 was my first offical Mother's Day.  Marc & Elizabeth got me a beautiful card and Diane & Wayne came up to spend the afternoon with us.  It was a very nice time.
Sunday of Memorial Weekend Marc's family gathered at Luke & Khari's house to celebrate Diane & Wayne's 40 wedding anniversary.  All of the family was together, which hasn't happened in a while.  We got a family picture and spent the day together.  Elizabeth had a great time with her cousins even if she was shy and a little clingy to Mom.  Elizabeth did wonderfully during the 4 hours of driving.
Elizabeth is 11 months and 2 weeks old! How did that happen?! We're getting ready for her first birthday and are having a small party with family and friends. Of course I'll post pics later!

Behind the gate, otherwise known as Baby Jail.
Note the teething drool

Planning her escape.  Look at those eyes!
Proud little furniture walker

With G&G Wilson on Mother's Day

Two of her favorite things, being outside and books

Cousin Ryan and Elizabeth

On Aidan & Clara's trampoline.  Elizabeth loved it!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Concordia Weekend

The weekend of April 21 & 22 Elizabeth and I traveled to Moorhead to see some of our Concordia College friends.  For those of you who don't know, that is where Marc & I met. 
Here is the cast of characters from the weekend.
Heidi who lives in Moorhead and let E & me stay at her place
Sara, Bob & Cora who drove up for the weekend.  Cora is about 18 months old.
Karena whose birthday is 3 days before mine and Ally whose birthday is 6 days after Elizabeth's.

So Elizabeth and I took off Saturday morning and had lunch at my parents' with Scott, Shelly, Kadyn & Chase.  After a short visit, Elizabeth and I headed up to Moorhead where Heidi had a wonderful meal waiting.  After a sleepless night for me and Elizabeth because she was so congested, the three of us took Sammy and Magic for a walk.  We then met Karena, Ally & Karena's parents for lunch.  Seeing Karena's parents was an added bonus.  Back to Heidi's where Sara, Bob & Cora joined us.  We tried to get the girls to take naps, but you know that didn't work.  We headed over to Concordia's campus and took loads of pictures (see below)
And our time together was way too short as we all started heading home.  Elizabeth & I drove back to my parents' place to sleep and eat (seems like we do that a lot)  Monday we stopped to see Stan & Alison.  Elizabeth & I also stopped at Westminster (where I work) on our way home.  It was a tiring, but fantastic weekend.  I was worried about Elizabeth riding in the car for 8 hours over 3 days, but by breaking it up, she did great!
Part of the Park Region B3ers
E & Mommy in front of the Bell Tower

Sandy & Elizabeth (10 mths), Karena & Allyson (10 mths)
Sara & Cora (18 mths)

Elizabeth, Ally & Cora

Ally checking out Elizabeth's toes

Why does Elizabeth look like she is hatching an evil plot
and Ally is holding her back?
Friends gotta hug

Elizabeth loved Heidi's little dog Sammy.  Sammy loved
licking Elizabeth's face.