Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mommy's Great Idea

One Saturday I was trying to get some stuff done in the kitchen, but my little helper wasn't helping.  So, I remembered something my mom said they used to do when she taught preschool and something I had read on Pinterest.  (It is the female equivalent to a guy saying "Hold my beer" or a child saying "Watch this.")  Spray shaving cream on a table top and let the kid play.  I knew Elizabeth wouldn't put it in her mouth so I decided why not.  Well, let me tell you why not...

Ummm... Hi Mommy.

Side view

And she is still so cute.
First the table has to be very clean.  Elizabeth found some flour and sugar that had spilled on the table and mixed it with the shaving cream making a nice paste.  And, while Elizabeth knows not to put it in her mouth, she still puts it in her hair and on her clothes and on the chair cushion and the straps and everywhere those little fingers could reach.  So, I got done what I needed to, but I had to wash the high chair cushion and the chair, change Elizabeth's clothes and give Elizabeth a bath.  So much for my great idea.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Christmas with the Wilsons

Great Grandpa and some of his Great Grandchildren

My brag-Superhero capes and masks I made for the nieces & nephews

The backs

Riding her new pony

Grandpa is so silly

Little Miss Fix-it

Christmas with the Triebenbachs