Monday, March 18, 2013

MN Zoo


March 9 Grandpa & Grandma Wilson some up and we all went to the zoo for a couple hours.  We bought a household membership so we plan on going pretty often.  We had a good time.  It was raining so we didn't do any of the outside stuff, but we did have a good time looking at the fish, the penguins, the monkeys and the tropical trail.  Elizabeth loved the penguins.  Two were swimming right up to the glass.  They scared her a couple times.  We had watched Happy Feet the weekend before when we were all sick so she kinda of recognized them.  Elizabeth also loved the monkeys.  She has gotten into Curious George thanks to the book we have and PBS.  She liked the birds and tortoises on the tropical trail but was getting tired by that point.  We all actually were so we went back to our place and they took naps while I ran to the grocery store and got ready for church.  The Handbell choir was playing so I left early and they followed and attended church.  Then back to our place for tacos.  It was a great day and Elizabeth had a great time.  We love watching her with her grandparents!
And, I almost forgot her favorite part of lunch.  Ketchup, eaten with her fork.  Oye, that child.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Dinner out

The other night Marc called to say he would be late getting home from work.  Really late, well after Elizabeth and I were asleep.  This was about the third time that week and Elizabeth and I had been eating leftover lasagna all week.  I decided we would go out to eat and run a few errands after.  (You know running errands before hand would not have been a good thing the way our little Peanut likes to eat.)
So, Elizabeth and I went to our favorite Oriental place, 1st Wok.  It is a great, casual family place that I think everyone who has ever visited us has been to with us.  Elizabeth and I were just wild and crazy.  We didn't even have the diaper bag with so no sippy cup, sliverware, toys or even a bib for her.  So, not only was it girl's night out, Elizabeth got to wear a napkin around her neck and use the spoon to get water out of her cup.  (The most exciting part)  Elizabeth and I split my meal and she got a side of steamed broccoli (her favorite).  She got to try a few new things, baby corn (very good), water chestnuts (not impressed) and shrimp (undecided).  She did like the sauce from my dish and started dipping everything in it.  As long as she eats I am happy.  The owner was really nice and gave Elizabeth 4 extra fortune cookies, which she gobbled down.

Of course I had my camera!