Wednesday, October 26, 2011

17 weeks old

After a bath
Elizabeth is 4 months old.  She had her Dr appointment and got three shots.  This time there were many, many more tears than the 2 month appointment.  Our poor little thing.  She is now 12 lbs 8 ozs and 22 ¼ inches long.  She also had pink eye which required drops in her eyes 4 times a day.  She didn’t like that either.  She learned the sound of the bottle opening so she closed her eyes tight.  M & I had trouble getting the drops in.  How is she so strong?  Thankfully the pink eye has cleared up.

This is how I suck my fingers

Playing with Daddy

Tummy Time

Watching the Packers with Daddy

Chatting with Great Aunt Kathy
The second weekend of October, Elizabeth met her Great Aunt Kathy & Great Uncle Don, Wayne’s Sister and Brother-in-law.  They made the trip out from Washington and had to meet her.  She charmed them both and even giggled for Kathy.  Elizabeth had only done that once before so M & I were excited.  We can’t figure out how to get her to do it again though!  She’ll give us big grins, but no giggles.  I guess we’re just not as funny as Kathy!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Week 14

Wink, wink
Saturday morning Elizabeth rolled over!  She was on her play mat (Thanks again Mike & Terry) trying and trying and finally she was on her tummy.  She looked around like “How did I get here?”  Then she tried to roll back to her and couldn’t.  She got frustrated and that was the end of mat time.

We spent a quiet weekend at home.  I was sick with a cold the whole time and got the stomach flu on Saturday night.  Marc stepped up and enjoyed his Elizabeth time all day on Sunday while I slept.  So far it doesn’t seem that Elizabeth has caught it.  Keep your fingers crossed!

See Grandpa T!  I finally getted the old butterfly!!

Not much new except the rolling over.  Elizabeth did talk a lot this weekend!  It was so much fun (until I got sick).  Her eye/hand coordination is getting better and better.  She is growing up by leaps and bounds.  I packed away her new born clothes and we’re not swaddling her anymore because she is rolling around her crib now.