Monday, December 9, 2013

Keeping us on our toes

Helping Mommy crochet

Discovering chocolate pudding.
It was a hit!
E is keeping us on our toes!  (I can hear M & my mothers laughing) E has definitely entered the terrible twos.  The last few nights have been a trial to get her to bed.  Even getting jammies on means kicking and screaming and a melt down.  But then she redeems herself by being so cute and loveable that the other child doesn't seem possible.  Her favorite phrases right now are "If you say so," "I promise," "My do," and "Probably."  She doesn't always use them right, but she sure makes us laugh.  Elizabeth loves Veggie Tales and will sing the songs from the shows.  It is amazing what that little mind can learn.  E loves her babies too.  She has three dolls that she takes everywhere, even into her crib at nights so there is barely room for E.  The babies do end up in time out.  Some days they are very naughty and E puts them in time out, then comes back and gets one eye level with them and tells them what they did wrong, then gives them a hug.  Apparently she is learning something from us.
This Thursday is her first Christmas program at daycare.  I'm not sure what they are singing or doing, but I'm interested to see how she does.  Either she'll steal the show or she won't do anything.  We did take our Christmas pictures and they turned out really nice.  E cooperated most of the time so the photographer got some good shots.

Smiles with Daddy

and with Mommy

So sweet and angelic

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