Friday, May 31, 2013

Playing outside

"I'm going to get you!"
My old Man
"Ready, set, go!"
Some times I don't know who is the bigger kid, Elizabeth or Marc.  Although I can't say too much because I play around with her as much as Marc.  I'm just usually the one behind the camera.  I must say, I'm impressed he could get on her bike!
Looking at the sky
Elizabeth also likes to lay on the deck and look at the sky.  She sees clouds, trees, birds and airplanes.  She'll tell us to lay down with her and when she is done, she'll tell us to sit up.  She is awfully bossy.  Wonder where she gets that from?

More cloud watching
In between the rain, Elizabeth and I did manage to plant some peas last week.  Hopefully it will stay nice enough to plant the tomatoes, beans and potatoes this weekend.  I'm also hoping to get a few outdoor decorating done.  I am a avid "Pinner" on Pinterest and have so many wonderful ideas.  A few I actually hope to accomplish.  Maybe will have pics next week.
We're also getting ready for Elizabeth's birthday party.  Curious George is out theme.  Banana everything and lots of balloons!

As she was trying to get me to sit up.  My giant baby!

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  1. Fun pictures! Can't wait to see you this summer.